Morbi in sem

Art. 1 – Organization
The A.S.D. TEAM BIKE TERENZI, based in Ladispoli (RM) Via Odescalchi, 27, 00055,- Telephone +39.345020855 - email:, website, in the person of the President pro-tempore and responsible for the event Claudio Terenzi, organizes on April 25th, 2021 in Rome, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla the international cycling race called “74 ° Gran Premio della LIBERAZIONE" class MU 1.2 reserved for participation of teams of which art. 2.1.005 UCI, for companies affiliated to the F.C.I. and to the U.C.I, and which is disputed according to the U.C.I.
The Director of International Competition is Agildo MASCITTI, Tel. 333.3694801
and Vice-Director of International Race Marco PAGNANELLI Tel. 320.4558407.
Art. 2 Type of the race
The race is reserved for the Under 23 athletes and entered in the UCI Europa Tour circuit.
The race is MU class 1.2. and in accordance with the UCI Regulations, assigns the following points for the
European continental ranking as follows:
1st points 30, the 2nd points 25, the 3rd points 20, the 4th points 15, the 5th points 10, the 6th points 5, 7th
points 3, 8th points 1, 9th points 1, 10th points 1.
Art.3 - Participation
The participation to the race is on invitation, inscription is made through the enrolment form according to the
art. 2.1.005 of the UCI regulation, the teams will be composed, according to art. 2.2.003 of the UCI regulation,
by 6 athletes maximum with a minimum of 4; Maximum number of teams allowed: 29.
The following teams can participate: UCI Professional Continental Teams, UCI Professional Continental
Continuous Teams (maximum 2), UCI Continental Teams, National Teams, Regional and Club Teams.
For the rules of participation (meals, lodging, and reimbursement of expenses) are valid as indicated in the
registration form.
Art. 4 - Documentation for approval
The race is contested on the path illustrated in the following attached documents:
• Elevation profile;
• General planimetry;
• Time table / kilometer of the race;
• Declaration of acceptance of the appointment of the Directors of Organization and the Deputy
• Dislocation of hospitals or first aid centers along the way-
Art. 5 - Race Direction
Opening of the secretariat: 2.00 pm on 24 April 2021 at Hotel PALACAVICCHI, via di Ciampino, 10, Roma.
Verification of licenses: the verification of licenses will take place on April 24, 2021 from 3:30 pm to 5h30
pm. at Hotel PALACAVICCHI, via di Ciampino, 10, Roma.
Technical meeting: the technical meeting with the Director of Organization, the College of Commissioners,
the Team mangers and the representative of the S.T.F. will be held on 24 April 2021 at 6h00 pm at Hotel
PALACAVICCHI, via di Ciampino, 10, Roma.

The secretariat will be open from 10.00 am on 25 th 2021 April 20 by the tensile-structure
In the Area Start-Finish in The Terme di Caracalla.
Art.6 - Radio Tour
Race information will be issued by "radio-information" TEAM PISANI. Frequencies: available - Channel:
149.850 Mhz.
Art.7 - Departure meeting point
The meeting point for race officials and athletes for the signature of the starting sheet is set at 8:00 a.m.on
April 25, 2021 in Rome, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, at Stadio delle Terme and the departure is scheduled
at 9 pm in Viale delle Terme di Caracalla. The signature sheet of the departure will be placed in a marked
position, where it will remain available to athletes until 8:45 a.m.
Art. 8 Technical Assistance
Technical assistance is assured by three duly equipped cars of Team PANCONI. Cyclewheels change is not
The cars of the Teams cannot follow the race and provide assistance during the race.
Art. 9 Maximum time
Is established at 8% of the winner's time. The maximum time may be increased in exceptional cases by the
College of Commissioners after consultation with the Organizer.
Art. 10 - Classifications
The expected classifications are as follows:
Individual general classification according to the art. 2.3.037 of the UCI Regulations
Art. 11 - Awards
They will be paid through the A.C.C.P.I. services on the basis of the ceiling established by the International
Regulations and according to the laws of the Italian State to the first 20 athletes classified for a total of €
5,890.00 as per the attached Table.
Art.12 - Anti-doping control
The anti-doping control, which will take place according to the current UCI regulations and according to the
rules of the Italian State, will be carried out at the Stadio Nando Martellini - Terme di Caracalla - Rome.
Art.13 - Ceremonial
According to the UCI Regulations, the first three classified must present themselves at the ceremonial (in the
space prepared and regularly reported) within 10 minutes of arrival.
Art.14 - Penalties
The penalties applied for running events are those provided for in the table in art. 12.1.040 from the UCI
Regulations and the UCI regulation itself
.Art.15 – Feeding
It is foreseen starting from the 30th Km of the race (from the beginning of the 6 th lap to finish at 20 Km on
arrival from personnel to the ground.
16 - Health service
Health care will be carried out by 2 ambulances and 1 race doctor and fixed positions along the way with
specialized personnel. The hospital facilities along the way are: San Giovanni Hospital, Via dell 'Amba Aradam
(800 meters from the route Tel. 06 77051) and San Pietro Hospital, Isola Tiberina (600 meters from the circuit
of the race Tel. 06 68136911) .

Art. 17. Participants and drivers of all vehicles officially accredited following the race, are required to strictly
comply with the italian “Codice della strada “ and the provisions of the Direction.
Art. 18.The Sports Director is responsible for the athletes and members of the team, officially communicated to
the organization at the time of accreditation.
Art. 19. The caravan of the race will be opened and closed by vehicles bearing the sign “INIZIO GARA
Art. 20. Ecology:
In tuning with the ecological campaign supported from the UCI and with the purpose to avoid the dispersion in
the nature any waste material it appeals to the civic sense of the participants with the purpose not to throw
refusals along the road but instead to get rid in the feed zone where an entrusted firm will make the disposal.
The non-respect of such disposition will accordingly be sanctioned to the art. 12.1.007 UCI.
Art.21.- Anticovid-19 provisions
All participants in the event for organization services, jury, staff of teams, athletes, press including television
service staff, staff of sports institutions, guests and in any case all accredited persons must comply with the
current regulations anticovid-19 of the Italian State and the Anticovid-19 security protocols of the UCI and the
Art. 22. For what not contemplated the College of Commissioners will apply the regulation of the U.C.I. and the
laws of the Italian State as applicable.
The President: Claudio Terenzi
Director of Organization: Agildo Mascitti
The V Director of Organization: Marco Pagnanelli